Remembering Grandma (Translation)

Remembering Grandma

How will I measure
The tail-end of a day
With such dark clouds & twilight?
You were so knowledgeable
In the nuances of nature, the anxieties of man
& in this evening drizzle
Make me recall the past.

Your world was decorated by traditional poetry
The folktales & ancient books
The varieties & pulses of events
& beyond that, the shared humanity,
Your warmth & sincere affection
For everyone.

Will I inherit your sincerity
Your confidence & courage
Amid the dilemmas
Of deceitful times
Without being disappointed, distrustful, hurt,
& accept willingly
All that life gives me?

We are outsiders, Grandma,
But you taught me the world is wide
Despite the accompanying tears.

Poem written in Malay by Rasiah Halil titled: Terkenang Nenda
Written: 26 February 1997, Pantai Dalam, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Translated by: Rasiah Halil


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