Buat Renungan Bersama

Prof Muhaya MohamadYasmin Mogahed

Process Heat And Suffering Like A Coffee Bean

 There’s a story that goes like this: One day a young woman was whining to her father about how hard life was. She was tired of fighting and struggling. Sounds familiar right?

He was a chef, so he set out three pots and boiled water in each of them. In the first he placed a carrot, in the second an egg and in the third some coffee beans. After twenty minutes he turned off the burners. Then he explained how all three reacted differently to the heat. The carrot went in firm, but softened in the boiling water. The egg hardened on the inside. And the coffee beans, well, they actually changed the water.

“When you confront adversity, which one will you be?” he asked his daughter. “The carrot that starts out strong but wilt under pressure? The egg that becomes callous and bitter? Or the coffee bean, which makes something useful, tasty, even beautiful from the boiling water?”

From: Therese J. Borchard, The Pocket Therapist, USA: Center Street, 2010, page 136.

4 thoughts on “Buat Renungan Bersama

  1. Deae Ras, I’ve hear this story before, but as usual, as time passes by, we tend to forget. thank you for reminding us all. Let’s all be ‘coffee beans’. Not ‘ carrot’, much less ‘eggs’

    • Insya-Allah, Zai, let us be coffee beans. I read this book 1 or 2 years ago and found this particular page meaningful, hence the sharing. May Allah make us ‘coffee beans’ when confronting adversities, insya-Allah.

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