Kata Mutiara


Either in figure or in landscape I should wish to express, not sentimental melancholy, but serious sorrow. In short, I want to reach so far that people will say of my work: he feels deeply, he feels tenderly…

This is my ambition, which is, notwithstanding everything, founded less on anger than on love, founded more on serenity than on passion. It is true that I am often in the greatest misery, but still there is within me a calm pure harmony and music.

In the poorest huts, in the dirtiest corner, I see drawings and pictures…

Art demands persistent work, work in spite of everything, and continuous observation.

*****Petikan Tulisan Pelukis Vincent Van Gogh*****

Music is the language of spirits. Its melody is like the frolicsome breeze that makes the strings quiver with love. When the gentle fingers of Music knock at the door of our feelings, they awaken memories that have long lain hidden in the depths of the Past. The sad strains of Music bring us mournful recollections; and her quiet strains bring joyful memories. The sound of strings makes us weep at the departure of a dear one, or makes us smile at the peace God has bestowed upon us.

The soul of Music is of Spirit, and her mind is of the Heart.

When God created Man, Music was given as a language different from all other languages. And early man sang her glory in the wilderness, and she drew the hearts of kings and moved them from their thrones.

Our souls are like tender flowers at the mercy of the winds of Destiny. They tremble in the morning breeze, and bend their heads under the falling dews of heaven.

The song of the bird awakens Man from his slumber and invites him to join in the singing of glory to Eternal Wisdom that has created the song of the bird.

Such music makes us ask ourselves the meaning of the mysteries contained in ancient books.

*****Petikan Tulisan Kahlil Gibran*****


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