Kata Mutiara: Untuk Renungan Kita – 16 Disember 2017

Di bawah ini tulisan-tulisan mengenai Rabi’a  al-‘Adawiyya, yang diambil daripada buku susunan dan terjemahan Charles Upton, Doorkeeper of the Heart, Versions of Rabi’a. New York: Pir Press, 2003.

Halaman 35:

One day Rabi’a* was sick,
And so her holy friends came to visit her, sat by her bedside,
And began putting down the world.

“You must be pretty interested in this ‘world’,” said Rabi’a,

“Otherwise you wouldn’t talk about it so mc:

Whoever breaks the merchandise
Has to have bought it first.”

Halaman 60:

After an all-night vigil, I prayed to God at dawn, and slept.

In my dream I saw a Tree: green, bright, vast, of indescribable beauty; on this Tree were kinds of fruits, such as I had never seen among all the fruits of this world. They shone like adornments of maidens, red, white, and yellow, they shone like globes and living suns in the green hollows of the Tree. I marvelled at them, and asked: “Whose Tree is this?”

A voice replied, “This is your Tree, sprung from the seed of your prayers.” When I began to walk around it, and as I did so I counted eighteen fruits the colour of gold, lying on the ground beneath it.

I said, “It would be better if these fruits hadn’t fallen, but were still on the Tree.”

And the voice answered, “They would be there still except for the fact that while you were praying you kept worrying: ‘Did I remember to add the yeast to the dough?’ And so they fell, and there they lie.”

*Rabi’a al-‘Adawiyya, ahli sufi dan penyair, lahir pada 717 (ada yang mencatat 713) Masihi  dan meninggal dunia pada 801 (ada yang mencatat 800) Masihi di Basra, Iraq.



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